Nordic Level Group is a full-service provider of trusted safety and security solutions. We make sure that our clients can maintain an ordinary life despite extraordinary challenges.

Our dedicated team of security and safety professionals draws from decades of experience in our core offerings: advisory and technology. We know what works and we fearlessly challenge what doesn’t in an industry marked by legacy dynamics.

Our mission is to offer safety and security solutions that enable our clients to live a levelled life.

Certified GPTW

Hela koncernen Nordic LEVEL Group är certifierat enligt Great Place To Work

Great Place to Work® Sweden has conducted a thorough evaluation of employees’ perceptions regarding Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie within the organization. An extensive review of the workplace culture, meaning the environment and conditions the organization creates for its employees, has also been carried out. This assessment pertains to the entire Nordic LEVEL Group corporation.



Together with our clients and partners, we form Team LEVEL. A strong team that stands for commitment, honesty, and reliability. We take responsibility for our actions with respect for all individuals.


We challenge and embark on new paths without being tied to legacy dynamics. What is best for the clients is best for Team LEVEL and together we strive for societal good.


We take on the challenges of the future with confidence rooted in our vast experience and extensive knowhow.


We have the know-how for new solutions and dare to try the impossible. We never give up.


With an open mind and close cooperation, the journey together becomes much more fun and rewarding. Having fun together creates long-term perspective and commitment, which in turn builds success.


Our clients place a substantial level of trust in us to ensure their safety and removing obstacles that make security and safety big enough concerns to limit their operations or way of life. Protecting people and assets is a substantial responsibility and we are rising to the occasion. The prevailing industry approach is centred around security firms offering single service deliveries, necessitating clients to deal with a large number of companies and subcontractors.

At Nordic Level Group, our full-service security offering results in one point of contact for clients, rendering it more effective for them to fulfil their diverse security needs.


Our methodology draws on our substantial knowledge in advising and implementing trusted security solutions.

Our advisory division has the expertise to devise strategies to effectively manage security challenges, and we provide reliable technological systems through our technology division, which are subsequently staffed through our operations. The full-service offering draws from our deep-rooted expertise, and we are simultaneously able to ensure operational excellence separately in each of our divisions.

The synergies in our offer is created by the strength of our team and our inherent camaraderie facilitating continuous competence development. We channel decades of experience and a solid track record from the upper echelon of the security sector into all of our services.


Our vision is clear, to be best in class full-service provider of critical safety and security solutions in the Nordics. Having set our ambitious growth strategy in 2021, our dedicated management team is focused on expanding our geographical foot-print in the Nordic highly fragmented security market. We will focus on adding value by leveraging our full-service safety and security offer and will further pursue an ambitious acquisition agenda in order to continue strengthen our team at Nordic Level Group.


The Nordic security and safety market is facing unprecedented growth. Digitalisation has remained the key driver of in-creased value creation, as legacy players have continued to employ old fashioned methodology and technology. At the same time, digitalisation has expanded the conception of critical infrastructure, creating a further category of critical assets which must be kept safe for the sake of societal good.

Simultaneously, stakeholders across policy, academia, law enforcement, and financial institutions are continuously and increasingly voicing concern over the existential impact of increased crime. There is a role for our industry to decrease societal costs by increasing both physical and perceived security for our clients as well as allowing for law enforcement to focus on their primary societal responsibilities.

As a result of these combined factors, the market is expected to grow by [7 percent annually]. Our addressable market is a SEK 40 bn opportunity and we are well positioned to capture value in an industry in fundamental transition.