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OnGuard WATCH (Web Access Trending & Comprehensive Health) bit is a web-based, forensic analysis tool that collects system data and displays it onto customizable, user-friendly dashboards.

OnGuard Watch Lite SwedenRather than scanning multiple reports, OnGuard WATCH Lite enables users to make quick and effective decisions as a result of the dynamic data that is collected and presented in the application.

  • OnGuard WATCH Lite gives users a detailed overview of their system, allowing them to easily view important security data:
  • System-wide counts, including access panels, readers, inputs, outputs, visitors and more
  • Basic information about OnGuard and Windows operating system, SQL Server version and service packs
  • Badges and alarms generated per day
  • Error logs
  • Database back-up details
  • System performance for memory, peak and hard drive usage
  • Historical System Data

Free with a valid Software Upgrade and Support Plan (SUSP), OnGuard WATCH Lite is also available as a free, 90-day, one-time trial for non-SUSP users.

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Confidence was among the first in Sweden to offer a software platform that connected burglar alarms, Lenel OnGuard access control, camera surveillance, door phone, fire alarm and assault alarm.

System integration means that several different standalone systems are connected together to work together as a single unit. An application works against the different interfaces of the systems and collects and relays the information automatically without requiring manual input.

Security is about control and efficiency. Control over information, resources and premises, as well as efficient processes, procedures and information flows. Integrating security systems into a common parent system achieves a unified platform and an efficient operating environment that increases the value of investments.

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Anders Oreheim

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OnGuard WATCH lite

Passerkontroll – OnGuard WATCH (Web Access Trending & Comprehensive Health) Lite är ett webbaserat analysverktyg som samlar systemdata och visar den på anpassningsbara, användarvänliga instrumentpaneler. Istället för att skanna flera rapporter gör OnGuard WATCH Lite det möjligt för användarna att fatta snabba och effektiva beslut som ett resultat av de dynamiska data som samlas in och presenteras i applikationen.

WATCH Lite ger användarna en detaljerad översikt över sitt system, så att de enkelt kan visa viktiga säkerhetsdata:

  • analysverktyg som ger systemomfattande överblick, inklusive åtkomstpaneler, läsare, ingångar, utgångar, besökare och mer
  • Grundläggande information om OnGuard och Windows-operativsystem, SQL-serverns version och service packs
  • Märken och larm som genereras per dag
  • Felloggar
  • Databas back-up detaljer
  • Systemprestanda för användning av minne, peak-värden och hårddisk
  • Historiska systemdata

Gratis med en giltig programuppgradering och supportplan (SUSP), OnGuard WATCH lite finns också som en gratis, 90-dagars en gångsversion för icke-SUSP-användare.

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