OnGuard Credentials

Browser-Based Cardholder Management for OnGuard systems.


OnGuard Credentials offers a browser-based alternative to the traditional OnGuard ID Credential Center Windows application, enabling cardholder, badge, and access level management without client installation and upgrades. Users can securely access credentialing through a web browser on their desktop, laptop or tablet, no matter what operating system or mobile platform they use.

Based on the latest HTML5 standards, the OnGuard Credentials module features a responsive user interface and supports a wide range of client platforms. It even enables photo capture through the camera on a tablet, as well as through a built-in or USB-attached camera on a laptop or desktop computer.

Designed with the user in mind, this flexible module provides a fresh take on cardholder and access rights management. A list of cardholders with simple sorting and rich filtering options is always visible, while a scrollable pane with expandable sections for cardholder, badge, and access level information puts all critical information at your fingertips.

onguard credentials swedenFeatures & Functionality

  • Presentation of cardholder, badge and access level information for an individual on a single page
  • Option to customize cardholder list view by adding, removing and rearranging columns
  • Sortable list of cardholders with single-click sorting
  • Cardholder list that shows photo thumbnails for quick reference and identification
  • Photo capture via connected camera on supported browsers
  • Option to crop, rotate and compress cardholder images
  • Full support for OnGuard user-defined fields and cardholder detail pages
  • Modern search-as-you-type (incremental search) results for cardholders, badges, and access levels
  • Flexible, powerful list filtering
  • Deep-linking that allows you to jump to and bookmark screens of interest, streamlining processes
  • Ability to seamlessly issue mobile credentials to IOS and Android devices
  • Prerequisites for OnGuard Credentials Module
  • OnGuard 7.3 or higher
  • Valid OnGuard Software Upgrade and Support Plan (SUSP) for the full term of the OnGuard Credentials license
  • OnGuard server with Port 8080 open for client connections
  • For OnGuard Enterprise system, OnGuard Credentials can be purchased and installed on any region or master

Please note: OnGuard Credentials is licensed on an annual-renewal basis, and your subscription entitles you to install the latest version of OnGuard Credentials.

ID Credential Center Features

Not included In OnGuard Credentials

Some features require the installation of the OnGuard ID CredentialCenter program on a Windows PC. A single OnGuard installation can support both the OnGuard Credentials Module and ID CredentialCenter clients.

  • Smartcard and magstripe encoding
  • Badge printing
  • Biometric capture & template management
  • Cardholder/Directory configuration
  • Asset Management
  • Precision access

Supported Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari (iOS and macOS)