OnGuard Policies

Simplifying policy enforcement and access control.

Lenel’s OnGuard Policies is a web-based analysis tool that ensures the OnGuard system is correctly configured to enforce corporate security policies. Efficient and cost effective, OnGuard Policies saves money by improving operational efficiency, while significantly reducing risk exposure.

Ideal for applications like hospitals, where access control is mission critical, OnGuard Policies allows users to define security policies and automatically correct non-compliant access rights in the OnGuard system. When in place, OnGuard Policies monitors the OnGuard system and automatically checks compliance for all employees, correcting access rights as needed.

With OnGuard Policies, costly department audits and managerial reviews are eliminated. The web-based analysis tool also provides the user with a better understanding of policy effectiveness and risks, based on the patterns of identified policy violations. OnGuard Policies can also test new policies, helping to determine their impact prior to implementation.

Extremely flexible, recommended for computers and tablets, and uses a responsive design to adapt to varying screen sizes.

onguard policiesFeatures

  • Flexible policy editor helps define complex security policies
  • Ability to use any cardholder or badge attributes
  • Data from other systems to help define policies*
  • Reports on violations with useful filtering and sorting functionality
  • Ability to process multiple violations simultaneously with bulk operations
  • Allowance or disallowance of exemptions on a per-policy basis
  • Facilitation of automatic or manual correction of policy violations

*This feature requires OnGuard’s DataExchange license.

Prerequisites for OnGuard Policies

  • A valid Software Upgrade and Support Plan (SUSP) us required for the full term of the OnGuard Policies license
  • OnGuard 7.2 or higher
  • The OnGuard server must have Port 8080 open for client connections
  • For OnGuard Enterprise systems, OnGuard Policies can be purchased and installed on any region or master
  • Purchasing OnGuard Policies
  • OnGuard Policies is licensed on an annual renewal basis
  • Subscription to OnGuard Policies entitles you to install the latest version at any time
  • OnGuard Policies requires an active OnGuard SUSP, which entitles you to upgrades and support for OnGuard as well on OnGuard Policies
  • Supported Web Browsers
  • Google Chrome Evergreen version
  • Mozilla Firefox Evergreen version
  • Microsoft Edge Evergreen version
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11.0 or later
  • Safari Apple iOS Version 9.0 or later
  • Safari Apple OS X Version 10.0 or later