Lenel OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS)

Keep business moving without compromising security.

The OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS) module from Lenel enhances the OnGuard Visitor Management option capabilities of the OnGuard system by simplifying the visitor management process. Pre-registration saves time on administrative tasks and provides the front desk and security personnel with key information on visitors to the property ahead of time.

Automate guest procedures and streamline visitor processing with the OnGuard Visitor Self Service (VSS) module. This intuitive mobile application helps employees pre-register visitors before arrival and provide them with a unique visitor code via email. When visitor arrive, the code enables them to quickly check in via an iPad and even create a visitor badge using the iPad’s camera.

Because it’s a mobile-based application, OnGuard Visitor Self Service, VSS even simplified compliance signatures and use the iPad’s camera for photo capture and/or badge creation. So businesses can provide an easy, welcoming visitor experience while maintaining a high level of security.

OnGuard Self Service Module SwedenOnGuard Visitor Self Service – Features & Functionality

  • Sleek, easy-to-use and customizable interface
  • Pre-registration gives front desk and security personnel the information they need to keep your business secure
  • Company compliance forms can be uploaded for the visitor to virtually sign during check-in
  • No cumbersome visitor logs
  • Badge creation requires no additional image-capture hardware*

LEVEL was among the first in Sweden to offer a software platform that connected burglar alarms, Lenel OnGuard access control, camera surveillance, door phone, fire alarm and assault alarm.

System integration means that several different standalone systems are connected together to work together as a single unit. An application works against the different interfaces of the systems and collects and relays the information automatically without requiring manual input.

Security is about control and efficiency. Control over information, resources and premises, as well as efficient processes, procedures and information flows. Integrating security systems into a common parent system achieves a unified platform and an efficient operating environment that increases the value of investments.

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